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Business/Sozial Visum


The Visa

  • Stay up to 180 days
  • Visa within 3 days possible
  • Stay up to 180 days
  • Visa possible within 3 days

Thanks to the Business Visa (B211A), a stay for 6 months in Indonesia is possible. Entry into Indonesia for travellers can be either via

  • Jakarta
  • Manado (Sulawesi)
  • Surabaya

take place.

The “Bali Visa” of type B211A is an e-visa (electronic visa) and will be sent to you by e-mail. It is for:

  • Longer stay
  • humanitarian activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Family reunions
  • Business vis
  • Investment visits.

If you want to come to Indonesia or Bali with the B211A visa (e.g. you only want to find out about prices or business partners, etc.), it is now possible. The best thing about the new e-visa procedure is that you don’t have to go to the embassy (via the embassy/consulate, currently not possible). You will receive the electronic visa directly from us by e-mail and can enter the country with it. If you are unsure whether this is the right time to travel to Bali and would like more information, please contact us.

We need these documents for the application

reisepaesse visum
flug versicherung a
kontoauszug voll
Bank statement
impf zertifikat
portraet foto
Portrait photo

Further documents will be required later


We apply for the visa from Indonesia (not possible outside Indonesia at the moment).
Stay up to 180 days possible.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 18 months. We need (picture of the outside of the cover, and inside with photo)

  • Travel health insurance: (Including Covid 19 treatment)

  • Bank statement: (The account holder, name of the bank, credit balance and date must be visible) Current with a minimum credit balance of 1,500 euros

  • Vaccination certificate/vaccination card: At least 2 vaccinations

  • Portrait photo: A good photo with the mobile phone is sufficient (pay attention to the background).

  • Hotel Confirmation: Booking confirmation from your quarantine hotel – 7 days / 6 nights
  • After checking your complete documents, which are necessary for the visa, we will send you an invoice.

  • Once we have received the payment, we upload your details into the Indonesian Immigration system. The processing takes about 7 – 15 days, then we get a (confirmation / issuance) for your B211A visa.

  • We will send you the issued B211A visa by e-mail.

Since 19.09.2020, you no longer have to have your documents checked by the consulate in your country. This means that if you get the e-visa from us, you can fly to Bali / Indonesia. Upon arrival in Bali / Indonesia, you will then need all the documents we have listed and must be able to show them.

The price & processing for the B211A visa is as follows

300,- Euro
7 – 10 working days (Regular)

360,- Euro

4 – 5 working days (Express)

400,- Euro

2 working days (VIP – Express)

  • Payment
bank transfer n 2   paypal n 2   wise

The bank account is a European one.
On request also possible to an Indonesian account

  • Refund: Before submitting your visa application to immigration, cancellation and partial refund is still possible. Cancellation, once your visa application has been submitted to the Immigration Department, is no longer possible and the amount paid for the visa cannot be refunded as we ourselves have already paid all related costs to the Indonesian offices and also spent our time.
  • Visa application refused: Reason for refusal would be, for example, if there is an entry in the Indonesian blacklist due to previous violations of the law in Indonesia or because an international arrest warrant is outstanding.

  • Extension: For the monthly renewal, a staff member will either collect the passport directly from you or arrange a meeting point with you. Each extension costs IDR 900,000 (approx. € 55).

Currently you need the following documents for departure and entry in Indonesia (Status: November 2021)

  • All of the above documents

  • PCR test: not older than 72 hours at time of entry, in English or English supplement.

  • Airplane ticket: entry and exit ticket

  • Vaccination certificate: At least 2 vaccinations

  • Hotel Confirmation: Booking confirmation from your quarantine hotel – 10 days / 9 nights

  • PeduliLindungi: PeduliLindungi App

We recommend that you bring all documents in digital and paper form.

  • Once you have received your B211A visa, you have 90 days to use it to enter Indonesia/Bali. If you do not use the visa within 90 days, it will expire.
  • The B211A visa is valid for 60 days from the date of entry. It can be extended up to four times for another 30 days. This makes it possible to stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 180 days (6 months).
Nothing should go wrong with the visa, otherwise there may be problems when entering the country. Unfortunately, the website of the Immigration Department of Indonesia (Imigrasi) is rarely up to date with the current regulations. We only use visa agencies with which we have had good long-term experiences ourselves and which we use ourselves for our visa matters. You have a German-speaking contact person on site and can reach us at any time by email, phone or WhatsApp. We are convinced that we currently offer the best price-performance ratio for the 211 visa. You don’t need to make a foreign bank transfer, you can pay comfortably by SEPA bank transfer, credit card or, if you wish, also by PayPal. We thank indojunkie and all others who recommend our service.
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Question: What is the current process with quarantine?

Answer: At the moment it is not possible to enter directly in Bali (International Terminal) (despite announcement !), 7 days (6 nights) is the quarantine time when entering in Manado (Sulawesi), Surabaya or Jakarta. – Status: Januar  2022 – .

Question: If my visa is not approved, or the operation is canceled by me, will I receive a refund?
Answer: Yes, before submitting your visa application to immigration, cancellation and partial refund is still possible.
Cancellation is no longer possible after we have submitted your visa application to the immigration authorities, and the amount paid for the visa can no longer be refunded.

Question: How often is it that a visa application is rejected?
Answer: We have not yet had a case where the visa has been refused. As long as the above conditions are met, the visa should be approved. The reason for refusal would be, for example, if there is an entry on the Indonesian blacklist due to previous violations of the law in Indonesia or because an international arrest warrant is pending.

Question: Is this visa also suitable for children?
Answer: Yes, the B211A visa can be used for the whole family.

Question: Do children, toddlers and babies also need a negative corona test?
Answer: Yes, all people who want to enter Bali currently need a negative Corona test.

Question: I don’t have 1,500 USD in my account. Is there still a way to get a visa?
Answer: The bank balance will only be checked once upon application. Full bookings for the whole month do not need to be disclosed. It is possible to borrow the shortfall from someone or at an additional cost of approx. 60 EUR the sponsor (the inviting company) issues a separate statement for the government. However, we strongly advise not to travel to Bali or Indonesia if there is insufficient monthly income.

Question: How does this work with the extension if I want to stay longer than 60 days?
Answer: Depending on the sponsor, there is the possibility to carry out the extension on site in the Immigration Office. Alternatively, the inviting company can take care of renewing your visa. The current cost is IDR 1,250,000 (70 EUR)

Question: Who is my sponsor?
Answer: We work with several companies in the field of tourism and legal advice. Depending on the request of the application, we will choose the best sponsor for your case. If someone needs, for example, the visa as soon as possible we take the company which can currently deliver the fastest at the best price. If someone wants to stay longer than 2 months we take the company where the visa extension is most straightforward. We draw on our experience over the last few years as well as the experience of the past week in terms of processing time.

Question: How does this work with the payment? When do I have to pay how much?
Answer: After all documents have been checked by us and have been checked by the agency, you will receive the invoice from us. After payment, your data will be loaded into the Indonesian immigration system. As standard, we provide an invoice with bank details. If you want to pay by  PayPal (additional fees) this is also possible, we can issue the invoice as it is easiest for you to pay.

QuestionWhat documents are required for the visa application?
Answer: In order to apply for a visa, we need a colour copy of the passport (main page with picture and cover), a bank statement on which account holder, balance, bank and account number are recognizable, as well as proof of a foreign health insurance.

Question: Do I have to show a return ticket and within what time do I have to return or leave? 
Answer: There is a possibility that the airport will ask for a return or departure ticket when departing for Indonesia. It may also be that you will be asked about it on arrival in Indonesia. A flight reservation is sufficient. This must be within 180 days of arrival in Indonesia. This means that even if the visa is only valid for 60 days from entry, it is possible to extend the visa for up to 6 months.

Of course, we will continue to be available for you until you have entered Indonesia.

PeduliLindungi App Indonesien

Download the “PeduliLindungi” Indonesia app and fill it out before departure. Seat number must also be provided already.

– Register and fill in –

Entry into Indonesia is not possible without this App. This app may already be required upon departure.

Click here to go to the app or website (PeduliLindungi).

More questions ?

If you have any further questions, please contact us

More questions ?

If you have any further questions, please contact us

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