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General Terms and Conditions

1.) Explanation is a product of the company Bali Urlauber. The general terms and conditions of are in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the company Holidaymakers Bali.

2.) Data protection (see Privacy Policy)

3.) Confirmation/Availability

As a rule, the confirmation of the airport pick-up and scooter reservation via holidaymakers Bali takes place immediately or at the latest within 24 hours. After the reservation confirmation (by e-mail), the rental contract (only for scooter and car rental) is concluded directly on site between the tenant and and is based on the respective conditions of the company Bali Urlauber. Bali Urlauber reserves the right to change the rental partner at short notice, depending on the availability of the vehicles, and to inform the customer in good time.

3.a) Confirmation/Availability

As a rule, confirmation of a reservation of the day tours via takes place immediately or at the latest within 24 hours.  Only in exceptional cases (e.g. short-term bookings, individual tours) must be requested from and a confirmation must be obtained.

4.) Payment

After confirmation of reservation/booking, the total price must be paid to within 7 working days, but no later than 48 hours before the service is provided. In the case of cash payment, the total amount is due on the day of the service to be provided.

Payment can be made either by bank transfer to a German account, PayPal or cash. The prices quoted are based on a 24-hour cycle from the time of vehicle takeover (scooter) or booking. The rental price is valid for the confirmed period. Deviations may lead to additional costs, e.g. in case of delayed return of the vehicle, the additional time / days will be charged at the local applicable fare.

5) Vehicle category

Reservations and confirmations apply to the booked category, never to a specific vehicle model.

6.) Vehicle Takeover & Return

At the time of booking, you indicate when you want to return the vehicle or possibly extend it. When handing over at the airport, we need to provide the flight number and the estimated time of arrival so that the reservation can be maintained in the event of any flight delays.

Delivery/return in Bali is possible at the following locations:

  • Denpasar
  • Kuta
  • Tuban
  • Legian
  • Seminyak
  • Kerobokan
  • Petitenget
  • Batubelig

All other places in Bali must be agreed with in advance.

7.) Deliveries

This delivery service is included in the price at the above-mentioned location, or it is offered for a fee depending on the opening hours and the distance of the vehicles supplying it. The hotel name/location of the hotel is strictly necessary at the time of reservation. The transfer time can only be agreed approximately, i.e. with a tolerance of up to 60 minutes. Deliveries/collections to/from ports, private addresses, holiday homes/apartments, or campsites are only possible with prior arrangement.

8.) Insurance benefits

In any case, please observe the provisions of the rental agreement (in the local language), which are binding on site by the conclusion of the contract. It is valid that without immediate contact (after an accident or similar caused damage to the vehicle) with, the insurance benefits included in the rental agreement cannot be claimed. The basic condition for the use of insurance benefits is that the use of the scooter / rental car does not violate the provisions of the rental agreement (e.g. lending, further renting, driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol/drugs). The rental prices (scooters) of are basically included: a deductible of 300.- €. Our insurance never covers damage to the enemy vehicle/occupant, locks and loss of vehicle keys or vehicle license. Damage to tyres / hose sits exclusively with the tenant.


8.a) Insurance benefits

In the event of loss of the vehicle (scooter), the purchase price (depending on the age of the vehicle) shall be paid.

9.) Driving licence

Drivers registered in the rental agreement should have a valid International Driving Licence. Without a driver’s license, or only with a national valid driver’s license, the tenant automatically assumes full responsibility. All vehicle rentals have a minimum rental age of 18 years. A valid passport must be presented when the vehicle is taken over.

10) Border traffic (island)

The entry or exit with one of our vehicles to another Indonesian island with the booked scooter / rental car must be requested at the time of booking, but latest before departure and requires permission.

11) Special accessories

Special accessories such as surf mounts, car seats (if not included in the rental price) should be indicated as a request at the time of booking. This additional equipment will definitely be confirmed back or only noted as a customer request in the booking. The cost of special accessories must be paid in Euro or Indonesian Rupiah directly on site to the landlord (

12) Rebookings

Rebookings before the start of the rental / booked tour must be made via at least 48 hours before the originally planned start of the rental / tour start and are then only possible according to availability and possibly at a higher rental or tour price. does not charge a fee for rebookings, but any price changes must be considered at the time of rebooking. If the rental period is shortened or a smaller vehicle category is taken over, no refund will be made. This also applies if the scooter / rental car is taken over late or delivered earlier. All changes to your scooter/car rental booking (flight details, arrival time, driver name, vehicle category, etc.) must be communicated to An extension of the rental period after the vehicle has been taken over, i.e. after the start of the rental period is possible. In this case, a new booking must be made on request, provided a vehicle is available.

13) Cancellations

Cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of the rental tour or airport pick-up are free of charge.
For cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the rental tour or airport pick-up we calculate as follows:

  • Airport pick-up  : 50% of the total price
  • Scooter rental     : 10% of the total price
  • Tour                    : 20% of the total price

In case of cancellation after the booked rental date / the booked rental time, no refund of the rental tour price or airport pick-up is possible. will not refund any days already paid but unused / bookings, e.g. in case of no-show at the rental time of booking, in case of late appearance or in case of early return. The customer has the possibility to prove that no damage or a significantly lower damage has occurred and thus to reduce the cancellation costs.

14) Customer Service

If you have problems that you are not through fault, will be happy to provide you with information on regulation. however, does not guarantee or liability for the provision of services provided by others. Customer enquiries or complaints of any kind must be submitted in writing to no later than 30 days after the end of the rental.

15) Limitations of liability shall be liable exclusively for the proper provision of the service, i.e. the creation of the opportunity to conclude a rental booking contract on the agreed terms. Liability for non-determined rental contracts / bookings on site will not be assumed if there are reasons for which the customer is responsible. For example, in the absence or invalidity of the documents required for the rental (driving licence, passport, credit card); failure to observe minimum or maximum age rules; Inability to drive due to alcohol/drug use, etc.  In addition, shall be liable for damages without limitation only for intent and gross negligence on the part of For simple negligence shall only be liable and limited to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract, provided that an obligation is violated, the observance of which is of particular importance for the achievement of the purpose of the contract. shall only be liable for the cases of initial impossibility if it was aware of the impediment to performance or if the lack of knowledge is due to gross negligence.

16) Other

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the mediation contract, including these terms and conditions, does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire mediation contract. In addition, the statutory provisions apply. In the event that the traveller moves his domicile or habitual residence out of Germany after conclusion of the contract or if he is unknown at the time the action is brought, the jurisdiction of Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia shall be agreed for claims by against the customer.