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Pension Visa (Kitas)


The Visa

Minimum age 55 years

  • 1 year residence permit
  • Opening of a bank account possible
  • Acquisition of a driving licence possible
  • Reduction of costs for medical aid
  • Possibility of permanent residence after 5 years

We need these documents for the application

reisepaesse visum
flug versicherung a
kontoauszug voll
Bank statement
angestellter lokal visum
Rental contract
impf zertifikat 1

Further documents will be needed later



We apply for the visa from Indonesia (not possible outside Indonesia at the moment). Hiring a local worker (e.g. for housework, gardening or driving) is a requirement in this visa. If you wish, we can assist you with this.

  1. Your passport must be valid for at least 18 months. We require (picture of cover outside, and inside with photo)

  2. International health insurance: (Including Covid 19 treatment)

    Bank statement: (Must show account holder, name of bank, balance and date) Current with a minimum balance of 1,500 Euros.

  3. Employee: A condition for the pension visa is that you have a local employee. For example as a driver or maid. For this we need an Indonesian identity card (KTP)

  4. Rental contract: For your house, flat or flat we need the rental contract. It can also be handwritten.

    Vaccination certificate/vaccination card: At least 2 vaccinations.

  • After checking your complete documents required for the visa, we will send you an invoice.

  • When we have received the payment, we upload your data into the system of the Indonesian Immigration Department. The processing takes about 2 – 4 weeks, then we get a (confirmation / grant) for your pension visa (Kitas).

  • We will send you the issued pension visa (Kitas) by e-mail.
Since 19.09.2020 you no longer have to have your documents checked by the consulate in your country. This means, if you get the e-Visa from us, you can fly to Bali / Indonesia. On arrival in Bali / Indonesia you will then need all the documents we have listed and must be able to show them.

The price for the pension visa is 998,- Euro.

Including 1 year Kitas visa
Including 150,- US Dollar.
Including entry and exit for one year ( re-entry)

After the 1 year, you have the possibility to extend the visa.

  • Payment
bank transfer n 2   paypal n 2   wise
The bank account is a European one.
On request also possible to an Indonesian bank account.
  • Refund: Before submitting your visa application to immigration, cancellation and partial refund is still possible. Cancellation, once your visa application has been submitted to Immigration, is no longer possible and the amount paid for the visa is non-refundable as we ourselves have already paid all associated costs to the Indonesian offices and also spent our time.
  • Visa application refused: Reason for refusal would be, for example, if there is an entry in the Indonesian blacklist due to previous violations of the law in Indonesia or because an international arrest warrant is outstanding.
Currently you need the following documents for departure and entry in Indonesia
(as of November 2021)
  • All the above documents

  • PCR Test: Not older than 72 hours at time of entry, in English or English supplement.
  • Airplane ticket: Ticket and return ticket.
  • Vaccination certificate: At least 2 vaccinations
  • Hotel confirmation: Booking confirmation from your quarantine hotel – 10 days / 9 nights.
  • PeduliLindungi: PeduliLindungi App

We recommend that you bring all documents in digital and paper form.

Of course, we will continue to be available for you until you have arrived in Indonesia.

PeduliLindungi p

Download the “PeduliLindungi” Indonesia app and fill it out before departure. Seat number must also be provided already.

– Register and fill in –

Entry into Indonesia is not possible without this App. This app may already be required upon departure.

Click here to go to the app or website (PeduliLindungi).

Any other questions ?

If you have any further questions, please contact us.